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Ercan Er

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I develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern web and mobile application, web services and online stores.


About me.

I'm a Front-end Developer with over 8 years of experience.

I'm from Turkey. I code and create web elements for amazing company around the world. I like work with new people. New people means new Experiences.

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Experience & Skills

  • 2022-Current
    Senior Front-end Developer


  • 2019-2022
    Senior Front-end developer and Team Lead


  • 2017-2019

    Software Engineer

  • 2015-2017
    Bilginc IT Academy

    Junior Software Engineer

My skills

I'm a Front-end Developer with over 8 years of experience. My principle is easy and based on producing the best solution, using software architectures to develop reusable code. I am working on projects that are aware of the importance of teamwork so that the projects are completed accurately and successfully in a timely manner.

React Native
Node Js

Experience Detail

Senior Front-end Developer
Full Time

I working on the Foresight (CI/CD Observability) project to develop all application pages. In addition to I develop some services with Node.js. I use React, Javascript, Scss, CSS3, HTML 5 in this project

Senior Front-end Developer & Team Lead
Full Time

I started to work as the Senior Front-End developer of the "Ağ Destekli Yönetim" system at the Aselsan location. After 1 year, I continued my duty as the team leader. Currently, I am developing as a Technical Lead in the field of Front end and I also support different projects.

Software Engineer
Full Time

I worked in the TYBS project to develop the financial module and develop components with the Pebble template engine in the lower structure. Minor modules I completed in the financial module TTS (Transfer Tracking System), budget item, flow issues and Limit integration. Technologies I use - Java Spring MVC - HTML 5 - SCSS - JavaScript, jQuery - Pebble Template Engine - Red Hat BPM - Adobe Photoshop, Illustration - JIRA, Slack Adobe Photoshop - Git - XML - PDF Conversion

What I do?

Web Application Front-End Development

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Mobile Development with React Native

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Desktop Application

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SEO and Google Ads Manage

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  • Çankaya / Ankara - Turkey
  • ercanatilim@gmail.com
  • +90 531 696 83 32

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